is a contemporary mosaic lab where I create objects with an eternal flavour enriched by the traditional artistic mosaic art work.
Marbles, stones, mosaic enamel, coloured and trasparent glass, gold leaf mosaic by Orsoni and Venetian murrine are cut by hand with glass cutter or small mosaic hammer and contribute to realize fashion accessories and art objects made of precious metals.
A balance of yesterday and today, originality and innovation at the service of imagination.

Often only the detail is executed in mosaic, everything cut by hand and inserted in the object that is created with other materials: stone, wood, plexiglass and silver, with grace and mastery to obtain a product of high quality.
An object emerges jung, artistic but at the same time simple to comprehend, light, cheerful, captivating, delicate mostly monocrome, elegant.

By rediscovering materials and traditional techniques, transforming therefore mosaic, a very ancient technique after a personal research in a contemporary art form, it reveals all his magic of light, colour and surface; it’s an everyday experiment of craftmanship combined with innovation that brings in our present a millenial rooted art form.

I love to work “live”, to show people what is hidden behind a completed piece, the wonder, the surprise of the process of creation. Three words: passion, precision, patience are my allies while I work and realize in front of You a creative process.



Rodolfi Kuball Carola Elisabeth Daniela
Impresa Individuale

cell: +39 347 2603970
via Molin Nuovo 37/7, 33100 Udine
p.iva: 02753500301, cf: RDLCLL76C69Z1120
N. Rea: UD – 294345



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